With the support of several corporate partners, the Defender special editions give Black Houstonians access to resources and tools that can significantly enhance their lives.

Defender 2015 Financial EditionIn 2014 several local financial institutions joined the Defender in a new financial special edition. Since studies show that blacks enjoy reading financial magazines, this collaboration provides the perfect opportunity for banks and other financial services to reach a reader that is eager to increase their financial literacy and hence are ripe for becoming a client.

The Financial Edition joined our Health, and EDU editions as products designed to educate, inform and provide tools to enhance the lifestyles of Black Houstonians and to form a lasting bond with our corporate sponsors. These publications also allow readers to become productive members of their communities and the larger Houston society.

The Financial edition publishes on Thursday, April 16th. Reach black consumers with information about your products and services. Visit ‘here’ to learn how you can join us and watch for details on the Health and EDU editions publishing later this year, coming your way soon.

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